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FR-SIM provides realistic home furnishings that simulate the fire environment and provide user feedback by being extinguished through the application of sufficient water. Each FR-SIM unit provides realistic flame, and optional thermal signature, and smoke. All without live fire, which helps improve the safety of your fire trainees. 

Our mission is to improve firefighter training through improved safety and realism, with our line of fully involved fire training simulation products.  

To maintain the highest quality, we make our products out of heavy-duty extruded aluminum, polycarbonate, and ABS plastics, which eliminates the concern of rust and corrosion.  This extends the lifespan of our products and makes them more durable to last. FR-SIM LLC Firefighter Simulation Training Products will improve your training outcomes. 


FR-sim Simulation PRODUCT LINE

Stove Simulator

Others Coming Soon!

What is simulation based training?

Simulation trainings are used as a tool to teach trainees about the skills needed in the real world. It provides a realistic learning experience and has been successfully applied in fields such as aviation, the military, healthcare, transit, law enforcement, EMS, and the fire service.

Five reasons why simulation training works:

1. Practicing in a safe environment- Realistic training can be hazardous, especially when dealing with live fire and other hazards. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all of the potentially hazards in a live fire training environment, from IDLH hazards, mistakes by instructors or students, inadequate student: instructor ratio, etc.  FR-SIM LLC Firefighter Simulation Training Products can help eliminate nearly all of the hazards faced with traditional training.  

2. Understanding trainee behavior: Simulating events show us how trainees react in real life situations and can help instructor improve student behavior in a safe environment.  Since it is not occurring during a real incident, it enables us to learn from our mistakes, so we can help prevent errors and optimize responses in (critical) situations. 

3. Improve teamwork: Teamwork is one of the most important concepts of firefighter training.  This includes behaviors such as communication, collaboration, team leading, team building, and crisis incident management. Teamwork can make or break a critical incident.

4. Providing confidence: Simulation training allows trainees to apply theory and gain experience in skills or procedures, which provides trainees with the confidence to manage similar real-life scenarios. Confidence is directly linked to competence.  As trainees gain more confidence, they become more comfortable with making decisions and become more confident. 

5. Provide immediate feedback into trainees’ own behavior:  During simulation training an instructor has the ability to debrief the actions of the crew and provide corrections.  this allows the same situation to be trained until they are competent and confident in the skills. 

The goal is to train until you can’t get it wrong!



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